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If you were born in the past eight decades, chances are you own a hoodie. In fact, chances are you own at least three. Welcome to one of the hottest and longest-standing trends ladies and gents — the hoodie. A true chameleon in fashion, the hoodie has maneuvered its way through most demographics, decades and cultural trends.

Keep it casual
For ultimate comfort and insulation, you can never go wrong with a hoodie. If you’re hitting the track or gym, choose a lighter pullover that’ll keep you not only warm, but dry as you burn off the daily stress and those unwanted calories. Thankfully, there are also sleeveless options for more intense workouts if you’re planning on hitting it hard and want to stay fresher for longer. And who says you can’t take the sporty look to the next level? Any sports hoodie can look sexy-casual when paired with black leggings, a colorful pair of sneaks and large sunglasses. Add a backwards cap or a loose-fitting beanie for that 90’s vibe and you’d be good to go for an Instagram #ootd post.
Dress it up
We’ve all been there — wasting precious minutes staring at the closet before heading out to lunch with friends, wondering how to look chic without sacrificing the comfy-cozy weekend vibe. Thinking a hoodie is too casual to wear outside of your apartment? Think again. Amp up your hoodie look with one simple thing: layering! Choose a more fitted hoodie that will hug your bod and pair it with a denim jacket – cropped or un-cropped – and some ankle boots to give the look a touch of grunge. A leather jacket works like magic, too, so consider that chic look for a casual dinner date or an evening hangout with friends. Alternatively, throw on a zip-up hoodie over a cute tank-top and let your jewelry stand out from there. Another insider tip: the asymmetrical zip-up is also a super-chic hoodie style that’s trending now, so be sure to add it to your wishlist this year!
Wear it out
All the stars are doing it, so you can too. Grab that sexy graphic hoodie out and make no apologies for it; just make sure you wear it right. A long, fitted, cowl neck hoodie has an amazing slimming effect to bring sexy back. If you’ve been dying to show off that sexy bod, slip on a cropped hoodie to show off that sculpted stomach. Contrary to popular belief, this also works great for plus-size ladies as a fitted crop-top hoodie can accentuate voluptuous curves when paired with high-waisted pants. Dark skinny jeans or leggings are easy go-to options, and please never leave home without that flashy stilettos or heeled boots.

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